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Capture events

We, the people and the ever rising amount of connected ‘things’, create lots of data. Only a portion of this data is used. Before you get to the stage where you can extract value from data, you need to capture this data. This can be relatively easy (e.g. clicks via Google Analytics) or more difficult (e.g. sensor data in a custom made application).


i-spark captures web, mobile and internet-of-things events

Analyse data

With data science you can start working with all this captured event data. Analyse it, visualise it, report it and improve it. Make sure your sight is not clouded by the 95% of the data that is just noise. And make sure that the 5% that you have identified as relevant indeed contributes to your business insight.

i-spark extracts value from data through data science

Apply Machine Learning

Machine Learning can help you to make predictions on your data. No one has a crystal ball to predict the future, but the next best thing is making prediction through advanced machine learning. You can apply this models to personalise your marketing or to make your product tailor-made for each customer.

i-spark makes predictions by applying machine learning models

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Why i-spark

Of course you'd like to know i-spark before reaching out. I hope this website gives you some information, please feel free to contact me for additional information. I'm extremely open and I will tell you without hesitation if I can or cannot help you.

  • data scientist with over 15 years experience in customer intelligence
  • very eager to learn, constantly checking out cutting edge technologies
  • happy to share knowledge, very open
  • entrepreneurial spirit - if you are willing to invest, so am I!
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Tamara de Heij
Data Scientist

What else?

Business Management Dashboards

Not interested in the nitty gritty details, but in need of a high level business overview of your online activities, social, CRM and finance information? Perhaps a well designed Klipfolio dashboard is a time saver for you.

Service for Startups

Frankly speaking, all startups should consider acquiring their own data scientists. That said, if you are looking for a second opinion, advice in a very early stage, help to set up your team, you’ve come to the right place. I really love the energy that you experience in many startups, looking forward to getting in that dynamic flow with you.

Sparring partner

More than once people hire me as a sparring partner. Do you have a smaller organisation with only one data professional who would like to have a second opinion? Do you have a department and would like some perspective on potential white spots? I’m happy to discuss openly.

Implementation advice

Great, you have all this data and you even developed the most sophisticated model. How do you implement it? How exactly will this bring revenue or reduce cost?

What the clients say

Toen ik op zoek was naar een Klipfolio specialist voor het vormgeven van ons dashboard kwam ik bij Tamara terecht. Meteen bij het eerste telefonisch contact al merkte ik dat ze zeker wat voor ons kon betekenen. Met Tamara samenwerken gaat heel snel, duidelijk en efficiënt.  Ze weet ingewikkelde formules in duidelijke taal uit te leggen. Ze is op de hoogte van de ontwikkelingen van de rapportages uit Google Analytics, social media tools en alle mogelijkheden van Klipfolio. En als ze het niet weet, zorgt ze dat ze er heel snel achter komt. Ik vind i-spark een zeer betrouwbare, klantgerichte, partij waarmee ik graag blijf samenwerken

Karlijn Donders marketing @Drents Archief

Tamara is a very intelligent and skilled data scientist with an uncanny customer focus and eye for detail. She is a proactive and highly reliable consultant who will make sure that your data analytics projects will meet your expectations.

Frans Clear Value

With the POC, OBA (Online Behavioral Analytics) showed that we have a functional, robust and future-proof method to leverage unstructured data in a structural way. This data will enable us to analyze customer behavior and positively influence the customer journey for us as well as for our customers.

Sander Sdu
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